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V tejto kapitole Vam chcem predstavit vzacny druh Agapornis Swinderniana.Jedna sa o zriedkavy druh,ktory je velmi tazke pozorovat vo volnej prirode a o ktorom mame doteraz len velmi malo informacii a takmer ziadne fotografie.Teda az doteraz to tak bolo.Spominany druh bol znamy len z fotografii jedineho vypchateho jedinca z britskeho muzea,pripadne z kresieb.Za zmenu mozme dakovat ochrancovi prirody a pozorovatelovi vtacich druhov panovi Stephane Bocca,ktory nafotil uzasne obrazky priamo v domovine spominaneho agapornisa, v dazdovom pralese v Ghane.Vdaka jeho obrazkom mame moznost ako vobec prvi na Slovensku,ci dokonca v tejto casti europy vidiet ako vlastne vyzera tento vzacny druh v skutocnosti.Obrázok







Treba si uvedomit ze tento druh nie je vhodnym na chov v zajati a jeho jedinou sancou na prezitie vo volnej prirode je ochrana jeho prirodzeneho prostredia.

Na tieto obrazky sa vztahuju autorske prava,preto ak by ste chceli akykolvek z nich pouzit,spravte to tym spravnym sposobom,to znamena oslovenim autora obrazkov.

viac fotografii najdete po kliknuti na tento link;

Let me introduce very rare specie of Agapornis Swinderniana.Till now this specie was known only from drawings,or from picture of one stuffed bird from british museum.Now thanks to birdwatcher and nature conserver mr Stephane Bocca,we are able to see how this rare specie realy looks like.These stunning pictures were taken in rainforest of Ghana.This specie by no means should be kept in captivity.Any attempt to keep this bird in captivity ended unsuccessfully.We must realize that the only way to protect this rare specie is the protection of natural habitat.Very little is known  about this specie also called black-collared lovebird.Birds spent most of the day in top of the forrest.That makes difficult to see them through canopy.occasionally they come down to lower parts of the forrest floor.In these cases there is chance to spot such a bird.Their diet is very specific and contains fig seeds and fig's flesh.This lovebird is mostly green with black collared nape.Size is 13,5cm.

THANKS to mr Stephane Bocca for permission to publish these pictures on this website.


 Author's rights apply.



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